Fully Qualified & Experienced LOLER Inspectors

At Broadleaf Tree Surgery & Landscaping, we provide comprehensive LOLER inspections for all tree surgery climbing and rigging equipment. Our fully qualified and insured LOLER inspectors ensure your equipment complies with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998), guaranteeing safety and reliability.

What’s Involved?

During a LOLER inspection, we meticulously assess each piece of equipment for safety and functionality. If a device isn't performing as expected, we can often repair it on the spot, ensuring it operates smoothly and safely. In some cases, if equipment is deemed unfit, we will advise you to remove it from service.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the specific functions of the tools used in the tree care industry because we use them daily. Our expert arborists conduct thorough inspections to ensure your equipment, including climbing ropes, karabiners, and rigging devices, is in optimal condition. We prioritise timely inspections to minimise disruption to your business activities.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of LOLER inspections varies based on the number of items, their condition, and if they have been previously inspected by us. Returning customers benefit from our familiarity with their equipment and our systematic cataloguing process.